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CHESS 6000

3 days ago by NGPulp

Are you tired of the regular conventions of Chess, and wish to make a change to the game?
Well, here's something for you!

Introducing... CHESS 6000!

A game, which not only can be played by someone who isn't an expert at chess, but can also be played with a standard chess board.

Here's the mechanics of the game:

I. Characters and What They Do:

1.) The Hero (White Rook) (To be played by Player 1)
Unlike the regular rook, this lean, mean persistent motherfucker can move and attack exactly like the king from regular chess. (Moves one tile backwards, forwards, sideways and diagonally, can attack in all directions) He has to save the Queen from the troops of the other side of the board. Watch out-- if the queen is dead, he can grab his horse and throw it at the offending troops (put the horse on the top of the Rook's flat surface and flick it.)

2.) The Escape Horse (White Knight) (Cannot be controlled once the game starts, but it can be placed at the beginning of the game by Player 1)
This dumb fuck is only here to act as a spawn point and getaway ride once you've grabbed the queen. Can be thrown at enemies if the queen is dead. No one can kill the escape horse except for the Hero once the queen is dead.

3.) The Queen (White Queen) (Cannot be controlled at all, but can be pushed to another place by adjacent pawns and can be rescued by the Hero)
She's been kidnapped. Go save her, hero! 
For obvious reasons, all the hostage takers can't kill her (except for the Sniper Tower), but the Pawns can push her to another available tile if they're adjacent to her, horizontally or vertically.
The Hero has to save the Queen by picking her up, avoiding other enemies and escaping with the Escape Horse. 
In the eventuality that she dies after being struck by a Sniper Tower, the rescue mission is over, but the Hero can decide to kill everyone else on the board as some sort of way to avenge her. This is a valid way of winning the game.

3.) Pawns (Black Pawns) (To be controlled by Player 2)
They are the stooges who are in charge of guarding the queen.
They move like the Hero, but they attack like bishops from regular chess. (They can move one tile at a time; backwards, forwards, sideways and diagonally) (They only attack if the Hero is adjacent to them diagonally-- although they don't leap like how the regular Bishops from regular chess do.)
Only they can push the Queen to another available tile if they are adjacent to her horizontally or veritcally-- but never diagonally. They cannot kill the queen and they cannot kill their cohorts.
Two of them can be sacrificed to create Sniper Towers.

4.) Guards (Black Knights) (To be controlled by Player 2)
They are the higher-ups, sorta.
They move like regular knights from regular chess, but the 'L' formation is smaller, by one tile. They can only kill what they're facing, and you can only position their face when you move them.
They cannot kill their cohorts, the escape horse, the Queen.

5.) Stronger Guards (Black Bishops) (To be controlled by Player 2)
They are the highest of all higher-ups here.
They can only move for one tile, diagonally; they can only kill in a cross formation (anything that's in front, behind, to their left and to their right). 
They cannot kill their cohorts, the escape horse, the Queen.

6.) Sniper Towers (Black Pawn on top of a Black Rook) (To be controlled by Player 2)
They are the wildcards.
Summoned by sacrificing two pawns (picking both of them up, putting one aside and putting the other on top of the Rook you just got,) these fuckers can only attack if the Hero is one tile away from grabbing the Queen-- but they can kill everyone and anyone, even their own cohorts, even the Queen; but they cannot kill the Escape Horse.
The attack is done by positioning your finger to the side or behind the pawn on top of the black rook, and flicking it. If anything it hits falls over (except for the Escape Horse), then it's dead.
The Sniper Tower can move around the board, one tile at a time, in any direction before it decides to attack.
The Sniper Tower cannot be killed nor dismantled. It will only become vulnerable once the ammo has been flicked at a target. 

7.) Former Sniper Towers/Anti-Hero (Black Rook, after the Black Pawn on top of it has been flicked off) (To be controlled by Player 2)
They move and attack exactly like the Hero. They can be killed now, though.
The way it can move and attack can make games pretty tense.

II. Gameplay
Gameplay of 'Chess 6000' begins when the two players decide where they place their troops. Player 1 can only place the Hero and the Escape Horse (both ultimately end up sharing the single tile now referred to as the Hero's Point of Entry, once the Hero moves, the space is now reserved for the Escape Horse), Player 2 places the Queen, the Pawns, the Guards and the Stronger Guards. Player 2 can only acquire a Sniper Tower while the game is in progress. They have to place their shit on the exact opposite ends of the board, much like regular Chess, but they can customize their formations. The closest any of Player 2's troops can get to the Hero in terms of initial positioning is about 3-4 tiles. 

The difficulty of the game to Player 1 depends entirely on Player 2's competence and on how many troops he decides to put on the board; and how he puts them.

Player 1 gets the first move, naturally and obviously, they can only move the Hero.

Player 2, gets the second move, being able to move any one of his pieces around the board, could either beef up the security of the Queen, or advance some of his troops to be able to kill the Hero. Having a maximum of 13 troops to control (8 Pawns, 2 Guards, 2 Stronger Guards, 1 Sniper Tower/Anti-Hero), he would seem to have the upper hand. Player 2 can only move one piece at a time per turn.

The game progresses using a turn-by-turn basis, much like Chess or Checkers-- but none of the pieces can move more than 1 tile. A piece kills much like how Chess pieces kill, they take the piece away and stay at the tile where the piece they killed used to stand, the only exceptions would have to be the Escape Horse and the Sniper Tower.

Both players can undo moves if they find that it compromises their strategy. Although, this'd depend on what the 2 players would agree on. 

As the game progresses, Player 2 can opt to take two of his Pawns away to create the powerful, impenetrable Sniper Tower, being able to place it anywhere on the board. When the Hero gets to a tile before getting the Queen, that's when Player 2 can make the Sniper Tower attack. Once the Hero has the Queen, the Sniper Tower can still attack him, provided he still has his single ammo. After firing (flicking) the ammo at a target, the Sniper Tower becomes the Former Sniper Tower/Anti-Hero, which moves and attacks much like, and resembles the Hero.

In the event the Queen is killed by the Sniper Tower, the game can still progress. The player can kill the remainder of Player 2's troops, hell, he can even grab the escape horse and throw it at them much like how the Sniper Tower attacks.

The game ends if the Hero successfully captures the Queen and escapes with the Escape Horse, or if Player 2 successfully corners the Hero, or if the Hero kills every single one of Player 2's troops.

III. Other Pieces and Customization of the Game
The basics of Chess 6000 are here, but you can customize the game's mechanics, provided you stick to the basic mechanics of Chess 6000-- maybe introduce another character here, another character there; change the shape of the board, play on a larger board, make it be able to support 4 players and such; keep Player 2's black queen for hostage, make it so that Player 1 doesn't have just the Hero and so on...

As long as every player present agrees on the new mechanics you'd put forward, the game should be fine.

It's kinda like Calvinball. 

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