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Welcome to Newgrounds.

2014-07-06 10:09:11 by NGPulp

Welcome to Newgrounds.

- Don't let Dovahkhiin1994's huge ego hit you on the way out.
- Remember to always feed the trolls, you know how hungry they are.
- Also a protip: Don't take these here forums too seriously, unless you know it's pretty damned important.
- Don't diss Yurgenburgen.
- He's one of the secret moderators.
- Never fuck around with Wade or Tom or else you're dead.
- K1LL80Y is also from the forums haha omg.
- Whatever happened to the Icecapades?
- Just abide by the rules when they need abiding (i.e, Never.)
- Don't diss the staff.
- Always read the first post before jumping to conclusions. Always.
- ChazDude likes to have pun.
- We can't shut up about the chat.
- Viper had apparently sold his soul to the devil.
- If you ask for stuff (ex. "Ban me"), they mods sure will fulfill your requests.
- Also, there used to be a rule against "I'm new here" topics, but that's changed.
- Don't be a jerk when reviewing and rating content.
- If Vnzi asks you to wear red shades, WEAR 'EM.
- Then again, Vnzi is dead now.
- Beware of the Soup Squad.
- SubliminalVirus likes clowns.
- Makakaov can tell you all about his experiences with the idiosyncrasies of American life.
- Xenomit isn't necessarily a furry just because of his icon, dick.
- But he actually is-- whoops.
- Anagrams can be fun for dyslexics.
- DigsBot is a cool animator.
- ButzboPrud, too.
- Lots of cool animators, actually.
- NeonSpider's a cool BBS poster.
- Lots of cool BBS posters, actually.
- The NG Chat and Store are gone, now shut up.
- Don't be an asshole, to yourself and to others.
- Or do, I don't give a shit.
- Rate 5.
- Asandir could interview you.
- So could a few other folks, as well.
- Radaketor doesn't want to be eaten.
- Slint is a "pretty hate machine".
- Seasons, there's four of them! 
- WahyaRanger is the First National Bank of Joe.
- If you want to pet a kitty, ask SCET3. That is all.
- Please no /b/tards.
- Also, don't be racist!
- What ever happened to Fay Wraye?
- That beautiful, satin draped frame.
- I miss the chat.
- DeviantArt, man. 
- Ah, TheGameChanger and his silly threads.
- When posting content, make sure it isn't crap.
- The reviews system for threads is still a pending suggestion.
- Make sure to pour out your heart and soul to every single piece of text in your reply.
- Egoraptor "betrayed us".
- TVTropes is fuckin' entertaining.
- If you love TVTropes, you'll partially dislike Weeaboo. Since you'll confuse the term with this user and vice versa.
- Make sure to always wear an umbrella.
- Start with the Newgrounds classic movies and games such as Alien Hominid, Dad's Home, There she is!!!, Animator v. Animation, Pico and Telebubby Funland.
- We like hating things because it's "edgy".
- None of us believe in the friendzone.
- FiendMachine does, though.
- Everyone misses the chat.
- Phobotech keeps on thinking about joining the army.
- Leave me alone.
- Dara6789 ought to cut herself with that knife she bought.
- Ctdgrop IS Dara6789, apparently.
- Natick hates 'pity parties'.
- Koopahermit is actually just a hermit, really.
- Dalexj1337 still hasn't drawn your avatar just like his yet, hasn't he?
- General is secretly the Video Game forum in disguise.
- Piggler likes pigs. (Seriously running out of ideas here.)
- When will they bring the chat back?
- That NG BBS Fighting Game seriously needs to be made.
- Newgrounds was created for our apparent 'lord and master' Tom Fulp to show off his stuff, but now it's for anyone to show off their stuff.
- Lots of social networks ripped us off.
- Newgrounds used to have hentai ads.
- When in doubt; Beep-Me-Jesus!
- No kids allowed.
- I've got a guess that Monster-64 has a thing for monsters.
- 'La Planete sauvage' is essentially a stranger version of 'Yellow Submarine'
- Go deep inside the recesses of ManDeep.
- Chronamut has a published book.
- You can never be the king of the portal. No one can trump 'B'.
- "The problems of the future, today!" was the best slogan ever. (Can I have it now?)
- Please for the love of god don't resurrect the "Wazzup!" bandwagon.
- All your base are belong to horrible grammar.
- Joe is rather concerned with JohnnyUtah.
- Life sucks without the chat.
- The NSA is toadally watchin' you, man.
- Nothing is real.
- Art is a lie.
- Reiska3 is a mean, green, thread-making machine.
- ComicD and stuff.
- SuperGhandi64 hurr durr.
- exudaz thought he was a somebody.
- Memes are old and stupid, we're tired of it.
- Threads, Are They Real?
- Happy Birthday to you in advance.
- PotHeadParadise is probably one of my favorite users.
- Everyone here is a wannabe comedian.
- BILINGUAL BONUS: "Tang ina mo."
- They all find it ironic that we have a mod named stafffighter.
- Urban-Champion is sorry for having a sense of humor.
- What exactly is SubparTony's profile pic?
- Don't Feed the Plants.
- The literature portal will come, eventually.
- Manly-Chicken also made a nice choice while coming up with a username.
- Everyone just absolutely loves you. Never forget that.
- Never forget The Alamo, too.
- REMEMBER: August 21 is Toad Day.
- Newgrounds is now 75% worse because the chat's gone.
- Necrobumping can be fun.
- Remember to promote the follow URL in the form of a short, sellable catch-phrase.
- I didn't steal your hentai, JRob
- Chdonga has some pretty cool stories.
- Just try to bring up 9/11 in front of fieldertiger; the results are hilariously sad.
- 1916 is in the pursuit of logic, don't bother him.
- When will Jesus bring the pork chops?!
- Try not to get a nice shiny ban.
- Why are we here?
- Wanted: Bedspacer
- KatMaestro is a "Finnish asshole coder", whatever that is.
- Encycolpedia Dramatica fucking sucks.
- We demonize other sites we don't like. (4chan, tumblr, etc.) (Deal with it.)
- Don't want to be offended? Ask Sense-Offender.
- Everyone absolutely and totally hates the new redesign.
- Don't tell me 'bout how you can't get no satisfaction.
- "Madness" can be quite violent at times, but other than that it's fine.
- JimmyTheCaterpillar feels he doesn't get enough credit around here and is very buthurt about not being on this list-- wait a sec...
- Ro-May-O wants to know where da Badroom is.
- We don't have a user named "Fuck" around here-- how sad.
- We do have a user named "pornography" though.
- Don't be a hero.
- Why can't I stop talking about that damn chat?
- Magical-Zorse is a drug-fueled maniac, and we all love him for that.
- DoctorStrongbad apparently gets tons of mail.
- BILINGUAL BONUS 2: "Meine hoden sind lebende".
- TomFulp's upcoming game is "Captain Red-Eye and the Shitting Pig Menace".
- Now that everything's over with...
- Feel free to watch our endless collection of furry midget hentai.
- NGPulp would like to apologize for this long set of tasteless jokes.
- The BBC would, too. Unfortunately they're busy suing Tom's ass over Telebubby Fun Land.


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2014-11-05 12:26:20

you forgot to mention me asshole

NGPulp responds:



2014-10-16 12:04:57

Fix my spelling dsjhkbgsfnjhdfs it's all my fault...

NGPulp responds:


You got a name change...


2014-10-16 08:07:21

what no please no oh god no.


2014-10-16 04:46:55


Hey I'm also from the forums haha omg.

NGPulp responds:

Wish granted.


2014-10-15 03:23:31

"Why are we here?"


NGPulp responds:

GG, Georgie.


2014-10-14 06:37:13

I always enjoy looking at this list.

(can I be on it?)

NGPulp responds:

Of course.

I keep forgetting to update the damn thing.


2014-09-22 16:51:22

Shit, this is absolutely hilarious, 10/10.
: Also I want on the list.

NGPulp responds:



2014-09-22 11:44:38

10/10 I read it all.


2014-09-22 08:12:09

Ahahaha yes I'm on it 10/10 I love you let's get married

NGPulp responds:



2014-09-22 03:10:09

wow i actually read all of it 10/10

(Updated ) NGPulp responds:

Congratulations, mate.

So, how's drawing others' user icons going for 'ya?


2014-09-21 23:46:07

I'm not in it 0/10

The one about chronamut made me laugh though.

NGPulp responds:

Alright, lemme just put 'ya in there.


2014-09-20 15:39:11

What a great list I feel so much better now thank you


2014-09-02 09:39:09

There was a mistake? I didn't even notice.


2014-09-02 06:36:41

I feel honoured to be in such a list.

NGPulp responds:

Fixed the spelling mistake, Radekator.


2014-08-20 21:55:32

"Rate 5"


2014-08-02 03:05:31

Dude serious, I see you've added something about the "NG BBS Fighting Game". If we weren't all so lazy how cool would it be if we each designed our own characters and made it multiplayer. Hell, it could even be to were the BBS users could only play as themselves via login, maybe a character creation tool to keep it simple.

(Updated ) NGPulp responds:

Man, that would be cool.

That 2nd mock roster image I was promised to be in doesn't seem to have appeared yet.

I edit this news post in an arbitrary manner, really.
Adding it with bits and pieces I've gathered from the BBS over the months I've been staying here.

Just latching it onto any new user thread.


2014-08-02 00:23:09

I have no issue as long as the user isn't mean. :)


2014-07-13 11:55:54

Because of you I realized Mary is a dumbass. Man, I gots to wear the spectacle goggles more often.

Also, love this list.

NGPulp responds:

You didn't discover it until now?


Thanks for the lovin' though.


2014-07-09 11:43:58

Don't call me a dumbass you piece of shit, and im not a dumbass since I have a 3.7 gpa and will have 14 careers. you have no right, let alone no one has the right on newgrounds to comment badly on my petitions that work and will get movie sequels. fuck off and mind your own business you dumbass nega piece of shit.

NGPulp responds:

Seriously though, are you truly and really not a dumbass?

You sure?



2014-07-08 12:35:15

thats about right.


2014-07-07 09:12:40

Four years on this fucking site with two accounts and no mention of either account.

Shit, I thought I was a somebody...

NGPulp responds:

well, I've amended it.


2014-07-06 23:01:33

I make art and post alot.

NGPulp responds:



2014-07-06 11:20:12

no n***a fuck off

NGPulp responds:

Cool your jets nunchucks.


2014-07-06 10:10:57

Can you name all the references?